StreamFX (for OBS Studio)

StreamFX (for OBS Studio) 0.8.0a3

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Bring your stream to life with more modern effects! StreamFX adds several much needed features to OBS Studio, such as real time Blur and 3D Transform. Now you can blur out sources you think may be questionable, add sick 3D effects or recreate the Heroes of the Storm displacement overlay with the Displacement filter. The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless.
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Blur (Filter)
Blur out unwanted content, enhance your webcam overlay or just recreate various effects like Tilt-Shift with this one Filter! It comes with various types of blur (Box, Gaussian, Dual Filtering) and even allows you to choose just how you want the blur to be applied (Area, Directional, Rotational/Rolling, Zoom), and also mask out the area you want to be blurred (or not blurred) based on various types of masks (including Sources and Scenes).

Warning: Blurring is a non-destructive process, the source image can be restored to some degree. Do not use this to hide sensitive information, like clear-text passwords, bank information or credit card information. You have been warned.

Displacement Mapping (Filter)
Displace the pixels of the Source, in any way you want - create a whirl, zoom in, whatever your input normal map can do will happen with this Filter.

Source Mirror (Source)
Source Mirror duplicates the video and optionally also the audio of any source, allowing you to apply filters to either without affecting the original source. It also can rescale the video to fit your target region using any of the obs supported scaling modes. There is no limit on the number of Source Mirrors you create for one source, so go wild!

3D Transform (Filter)
A popular request for OBS Studio is now available as a filter for you to use, move, rotate, scale and shear your Source in 3D space at will! Create reflections of your video camera on a floor, table, or place your video camera in a room - the possibilities are endless and you can choose what you want to do! It can even generate mipmaps for the transformed source to reduce aliasing on sharp angles or squished sources, to further improve quality.

Signed Distance Field Effects (Filter)
Apply various effects like Inner and Outer Shadow to your sources or scenes! Drop Shadows, Glow, Outlines - instantly possible at minimal impact. Only requirement is that the source has transparent pixels.
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Latest reviews

Great filter, is there any way to use a moving background with signed distance field effects?
The new pre-release version does not seem to work in obs version 24.0.3, I cannot find the features of streamFX in the filter, I am using an automatically installed .EXE file
Please update your system to the latest Visual C Runtime. The official Visual C++ 2017 runtime can be downloaded from here: You need both x86 and x86_64/x64
I mean, it works... but the filter persists through each scene, and I don't want it to do so...
That is not a problem with the plugin. You are describing behavior that OBS has built in, if you want to work around that behavior, please consider learning how to use Scene mirroring or Source Mirrors.
I needed a blur, this delivered a blur, easy to use, plenty of options, perfect.
how do you install this on mac??? great plugin, btw
MacOS (and Linux) are not supported with binaries and require you to build your own OBS Studio with the plugin bundled.
Excellent work!
using the 3D Transform filter
Does exactly what asked for, straight forward to install with wizard.
Just filters, tweaking. Done :)
I find the source mirror to be incredibly helpful. I make a central source then mirror it to various scenes with different filters applied.