1. khaver

    OBS Lua Polymask Filter Script 1.0

    Lua script that adds an 8 point polygon mask/matte filter for cropping away a portion of the image or for isolating a portion of the image when your greenscreen backdrop is smaller than the image frame. Install the filter-polymask.lua script file. Add the Polymask filter to your source. For...
  2. L

    OBS green screen in low light?

    I am just getting my green screen, but I have a doubt, I love to play horror games(Really any game) in low light(IMO HDR and Oled screens look fantastic in the dark), is it possible to use a green screen like that, or do I really need to set up lighting and stuff like that(Because then I might...
  3. M

    Grey Box

    Hey, I have the problem that when I use the green screen to cut out my background, the cut out area is a little gray and flickers. So it is not completely transparent. The problem is particularly noticeable when the cropped image is placed in front of a white image or a white presentation: How...
  4. S

    OBS tutorial (video + written): chromakey greenscreen, but applied only on a specific part or region

    Hi! This 6 minute tutorial will explain in depth (and from scratch) how to configure an OBS greenscreen scene setup, such that the greenscreen is only applied to certain preselected regions of the image. See: (not monetized) The whole thing explained...
  5. D

    View Preview on two Screens

    Hello everyone, I'm new to OBS and to the Forum. I'm using OBS not for streaming, but for Live Projection. My Setup is as following: Sony A7II Camera with HDMI to a CaptureCard, filming my Greenscreen, OBS running on a Lenovo Yoga, and two Panasonic Beamer, connected with two normal HDMI out...