1. T

    StreamFX works, but not the Source Mirror!

    Ever Since I updated to the NEW obs, meaning the UI change and all, some plugins required a redownload, which I did (NDI and Streamfx) Only problem is streamfx SOURCE MIRROR just wont pop up! All the other filters and stuff is there but source mirror isnt,not sure what else I can Do!
  2. degenera

    StreamFX uninstalled now OBS wont even open

    So I originally installed StreamFX for OBS because I thought I would need some of it's plugins. I solved the problem on my own, but when I started to stream, the gameplay was suddenly very laggy, and overall my whole stream was lagging like crazy. This has never ever happened before, all of my...
  3. JustBeeeb

    OBS crashes after I exit, only if I use move value before

    If I use move value on a 3D transform(StreamFX) obs works fine until I close it, then it gives a crash report. there is a .txt file of it attached to this post.
  4. Katzenwerfer

    [StreamFX] Questions on the buffer size setting for H264/H265

    I've noticed that certain parameters are sort of set to automatic or without limit when they are specified to 0 (like with bitrate), so I was curious if this was the case with the buffer size parameter or is it prefered to use a certain value relative to your bitrate/max bitrate/target quality...
  5. Katzenwerfer

    StreamFX, question about the buffer size

    I was wondering what exactly does the buffer size setting do? I've read some threads about it and a lot of people say that you shouldn't modify it (or at least should match 0 or your max bitrate) for streaming, but I haven't seen anything talking about its usage in normal recording. I do want to...
  6. W

    Stream FX

    Hello everyone, I've been having this problem recently with the correct installation of StreamFX, i'm following the official installation guide but it's still not showing up in OBS filters or anything.. ps I'm using the latest version of OBS 27.0 and the latest version of StreamFX. I'm...
  7. B

    Known-good IP camera was fine as OBS Media Source, then mysteriously stopped working.

    I have an IP camera that's an old Android 4.4 phone running the "IP Webcam" app (IP Webcam - Apps on Google Play). The Android app is rock-steady, and its output is accessible on all my PCs by multiple programs, and also on my phone. For several weeks it has worked reliably as an OBS Media...
  8. N

    How to use x265 codec in 5760 × 3240 with on Nvidia GTX 970.

    Hello, I'm a student, and because of Corona-virus, lot of curse's are on-line, so I installed your tool to make record of them, I have three screen, and one webcam, and I made a disposition of first screen at top at 3840 × 2160, and under it, the two screen et end of border of each border and...
  9. M

    Help wanted: OBS "about" menu hijacked by plugin

    There's a strange glitch happening with OBS for Mac when it's compiled with the famous StreamFX plugin. Basically, the about menu option of the plugin hijacks the OBS about menu on macOS. While most likely not an issue with OBS for Mac, we're looking for mac developers who'd like to take a look...