StreamFX uninstalled now OBS wont even open


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So I originally installed StreamFX for OBS because I thought I would need some of it's plugins. I solved the problem on my own, but when I started to stream, the gameplay was suddenly very laggy, and overall my whole stream was lagging like crazy. This has never ever happened before, all of my streams in the past have been perfectly fine, so I thought maybe this plugin was causing it. I deleted the plugin in the plugins folder, and tried getting rid of it, but every time I try to open OBS now, it just won't open the application. It shows a blank screen for a few seconds before closing. I have no idea what to do, I've restarted my pc but nothing is working. I don't want to go through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling, because I'd lose all of my scenes I took forever to setup. Any help is appreciated.


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Uninstall OBS. Look if the instalation folder is empty or completely removed. Anything left must be manually deleted. Now reinstall.
In some strange cases you have to look into the %appdata% OBS folder too for leftover parts of this plugins.
It's recommended you backup your profile and scene collection.

About how to fully remove the plugin, you have to contact the plugin creator.