obs not responding

  1. degenera

    StreamFX uninstalled now OBS wont even open

    So I originally installed StreamFX for OBS because I thought I would need some of it's plugins. I solved the problem on my own, but when I started to stream, the gameplay was suddenly very laggy, and overall my whole stream was lagging like crazy. This has never ever happened before, all of my...
  2. K

    Video Capture Device Bug - OBS Not Responding and no capture card image

    I can't attach a log unfortunately, but there is still a bug that I have happening with OBS where I can't even add a new Video Capture Device. Selecting the option sends the entire program into (Not Responding). I normally have no issues with the input, but when I do it always crashes it with no...
  3. M

    Crash Report Log

    Here's a crash report for ya. Told me to report this to whoever can interpret this.
  4. L

    Question / Help Obs not responding

    Everytime i run OBS its white as shown down below and it doesn't respond. Please help, i have windows 10