1. M

    Zoom on freeze frame (scene transition / effect)

    I have seen a few streamers use a freeze frame and then do a zoom into a part of the frozen frame before they transition to another scene / end the freeze frame. I couldn't find any plugin or transition to do this out of the box, and also no OBS compatible shaders. Given this seems to be a...
  2. norihiro

    Multi Source Effect 0.2.1

    Features This is a simple source providing a custom effect to render multiple sources. Input two sources Set built-in or user-made shader file Render these textures with the shader Donations You can donate to me via PayPal, GitHub, open collective, Ko-fi.
  3. Limeth

    OBS ShaderFilter Plus v0.3.1

    This is a successor to obs-shaderfilter, but rewritten from the ground up. OBS ShaderFilter Plus OBS ShaderFilter Plus is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software. It can be used to apply effects to sources using manually created GLSL/HLSL shaders. Add a filter to a source by right-clicking a...
  4. C

    Apply shader effects from SHADERTOY to OBS (with obs-shader-effects)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to apply a "bad TV" or VHS effect on a livestream with OBS. I've oriented my research towards the SHADER option. I installed the Shader-effects plugin on OBS. The plugin works well with the provided presets. However, the other presets found on the internet don't work...
  5. F

    Custom Effect 1.0.0

    Custom Effect - This lightweight plugin you allow of create your own filters for OBS. Installation - Extract archive - Copy obs-studio folder in your "C:\Program Files" for Windows Usage - Create your own file ".effect - Open OBS-Studio - Right-click on a Video Source and select "Filters" - In...
  6. A

    Shader Plugins 1.0.0

    Rapidly prototype and create graphical effects using OBS's shader syntax. Create filters, standalone sources and transitions. Can visualize audio, animate sprite sheets, create responsive effects to keyboard and mouse events, take your creativity for a spin.