1. F

    Custom Effect 1.0.0

    Custom Effect - This lightweight plugin you allow of create your own filters for OBS. Installation - Extract archive - Copy obs-studio folder in your "C:\Program Files" for Windows Usage - Create your own file ".effect - Open OBS-Studio - Right-click on a Video Source and select "Filters" - In...
  2. Surn

    OBS Shaderfilter v1.0 Update v1.0

    The obs-shaderfilter plugin for OBS Studio is intended to allow users to apply their own shaders to OBS sources. The filter can be added to any source through the "Filters" option when right-clicking on a source. The name of the filter is "User-defined shader." Many new shaders and effects are...
  3. A

    Shader Plugins 1.0.0

    Rapidly prototype and create graphical effects using OBS's shader syntax. Create filters, standalone sources and transitions. Can visualize audio, animate sprite sheets, create responsive effects to keyboard and mouse events, take your creativity for a spin.