Zoom on freeze frame (scene transition / effect)


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I have seen a few streamers use a freeze frame and then do a zoom into a part of the frozen frame before they transition to another scene / end the freeze frame. I couldn't find any plugin or transition to do this out of the box, and also no OBS compatible shaders.

Given this seems to be a pretty trivial and common use-case, I am sure I am missing an obvious way of doing this. I'd like to ask if anyone can give me a hint on how to achieve this before I look into writing custom shaders. I linked a gif from ForestOfWires' Twitch stream below, showing the transition + what I assume is a LUT + shader for the image "pastel" look.

Example gif: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cl3g9b7c6fol1f/zoom-effect.gif?dl=0


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For anyone looking for something similar, I got it to work somewhat well using the following things:
On the Scene:
- Zoom Image with ease out (quartic) [motion-effect plugin]
- Reset Image in 10ms, play on end of Zoom image [motion-effect plugin]

On the Image / Group:
- Freeze [freeze filter plugin]
- Apply LUT or Posterize shader [e.g. obs-shaderfilter plugin]
- Color Correction — primarily set opacity to 60-80% and adjust look to taste
- Recursion Effect — the lowered opacity from above it needed to make it work and produce the "ghost" images. [obs-recursion-effect plugin]

The annoying part is to glue all of that together to trigger all at once, reset at the proper time, allow proper retriggering (e.g. when you press the hotkey to trigger it again, it will restart) and reset everything correctly when the scene is switched while the zoom / effect is still going on. It's doable with some lua scripting, but haven't done that part yet, so can't share the code here.

Hope that helps someone looking for that in the future.