1. FiniteSingularity

    Stroke Glow Shadow 1.0.2

    An OBS plugin to create strokes, glow, and shadows around masked sources. Introduction The Stroke, Glow, Shadow Plugin offers an efficient way to apply Stroke, Glow, and Shadow effects to masked sources in OBS. Stroke, Glow, Shadow, as the name implies, provides effects for applying...
  2. XoXFaby

    FreeFX - StreamFX Fork 0.12.0b299

    FreeFX FreeFX is a fork of StreamFX that changes nothing but just provides binaries so you can use it without having to learn how to build it. StreamFX: If you wanna support FreeFX...
  3. Xaymar

    Non-Free StreamFX (for OBS® Studio) 1.0.0b473

    We no longer maintain the resource on the OBS Project forum. Please visit the official Website or Discord for updates.
  4. Xaymar

    StreamFX (for OBS® Studio)

    StreamFX is a plugin to libOBS (OBS Studio, StreamElements OBS Live) that adds new sources, filters and transitions to give you the ability to drastically improve your stream and recording setup past what was possible in OBS Studio until now. Whether it is blurring out a region, moving something...