Question / Help Stream/Recording stuttering and drops to 30fps


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Whenever I record/stream using OBS Studio, there are some times when the output begins to stutter and drop to 30fps even though I am recording/streaming at 60fps. No matter what I do (ie. disabling Game Bar/Shadowplay, turning off AV, switching to x264 from NVENC, etc.) the issue remains. I've tried multiple versions of OBS Studio and even OBS Classic and the issue still occurs in the recordings/streams. Note, the game runs just fine and OBS still reports that the frame rate is 60fps. I believe this is an issue with OBS because if I make a recording with Game DVR or Shadowplay, there isn't any issue.

I have many examples of this occurring. Here is a recent example:
OBS Studio Log File (2019-09-07)
Video Example - here we can see a smooth 60 fps recording, until it begins to stutter and eventually start to output at 30 fps for a while before it starts to output at 60fps again

This issue might be related to the issue discussed here but I decided to make a new post to highlight the issue in particular. The stuttering can be seen in the preview window but disabling the window does not prevent the issue from occurring. In addition, I've analyzed many of the recordings/streams where this issue occurs and I've noticed that the frame rate of the video doesn't drop, however the frames are duplicated essentially resulting in 30fps from a 60fps recording.

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Sorry to necro, but I've been having the exact same issue for the past 6 months, and nothing I try can fix it. I have the exact same symptoms as the OP. The 60fps to 30 fps can be seen in the preview window, but everything else says 60 fps, and there's tons of GPU overhead (using NVENC.New).

Is there hope for us?