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Hello dear Community.

Currently i am working a Streamer-Project (Twitch & YouTube via Restream).
But it's very difficult for me to setup Stream Layout.
For example:
- Embedded music player
- Show new follower
- Show new donations
- and so on..

The only things i managed to implement since weeks:
- Chat bubbles (but i don't see them while playing)
- Add Counter Strike
- Add avatar

Of course i have searched a lot but i can't get a good overview of what i need and how to use.
I ended up with unsuccessfully writing my own embedded music player in Python since weeks now.
So today i decided, that it's now time to ask for some more easier solutions.

Please take me some advice, thank you! :-)

- Suk0m8u


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I have no clue if this is too late, unfortunately, I assume it is. But this is just for anyone with similar questions in the future. To do these 3 actions you listed I would highly recommend using StreamElements in addition to OBS as it can seamlessly get essentially everything you need for streams that you typically find on other streamers' streams.
1. Get logged into StreamElements (you can currently use Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and Trovo).
2. Go to "Streaming Tools" and select "Overlays" then click "New Overlay".
3. Click "Add Widget" and then go to AlertBox under the Alert tab and click to create the box.
4. You can now resize the box and it will control the following (follower, subscriber, tip, cheer, host, raid, purchase, and charity) these can be individually enabled or disabled anytime you see fit.
5. Each alert can be edited there to change graphics, sound, text, and many other settings.
6. With that you can save and then export the URL.
7. Return to OBS and create a new source under "browser" Insert the URL, resize it to your screen size, and then check "shutdown source when not visible".
8. Doing this should enable everything you need as described in step 4 and you should be good to go.

In regards to adding music, this can also be done in StreamElements.
1. Open the "Media request" tab under the "Other" drop-down menu.
2. Here you can set up a backup playlist with a youtube URL and you can toggle other settings to your liking.
3. From here go to "Chat Commands" under "Chatbot" and enable !Songrequest and any other commands you want such as !queue.
4. Now you can download and that should connect to OBS giving you a new tab at the top for "SteamElements".
5. It will run you through setting up the StreamElements bot and after that, you will be able to see your chat and recent activity such as donations.
6. Go to SE.Live Docks under the StreamElements tab and enable "Media Requests" and boom, you've got Chat, Activity, and Media in OBS now!

Hopefully, this is helpful for anyone reading through this. If my explanations weren't enough here are some links to helpful videos that run through the processes. Good luck streaming!!!

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