1. W

    Obs crashes Unhandled exception: c0000005

    Ive been having obs crashes for about a year now. heres a list of things ive tried and havent worked updated graphics drivers updated directX updated bios reinstalled obs ran a memory leak test deleted all filters from sources reinstalled windows got a new hard drive and moved all my files over...
  2. J

    Stream Runs Perfect but it makes my Games Stutter, have FPS Drops and don't run smooth.

    Hi there! Here are my specifications below: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x MOBO: ASRock B550 Steel Legend GPU: MSI 3080 GEFORCE RTX RAM: Corsair Vengeance RAM 3600MHZ 64GB SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 PSU: Corsair 1000W Power Supply CPU Cooler: NZXT Z73 RGB 360mm Cooler So I'm having a bit of...
  3. reeddacted

    Using face tracking/mesh data to move source and more

    I see face tracking plugins that will zoom, pan etc on a camera source when detecting a face. I was curious if it would be possible to use NVIDIA AR SDK or other face mesh or movement data to move different sources or send other triggers. Would allow something sort of between a pngtuber and...
  4. W

    Obs crashing after 10/15/20 mins of streaming even after reinstall

    Not sure what details to add other than its mainly crashing when running with vtuber studio
  5. W

    GPU Seems to Fail at Random Only While Live

    Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/JhwMufWD96w64hrS Might be a long shot, but I have a very specific issue that's bubbled up for a while and gotten much worse in the past couple months. I typically stream indie games with VTube Studio or Veadotube Mini running in place of a webcam. Everything...
  6. H

    Obs Doesn't capture Vseeface?

    Well, I'm a vtuber xd and everything was fine but suddenly obs stopped capturing the app i use for vtubing, And idk what to do, i use game capture for it, it doesn't work with window capture, it Never show except if i create a new game capture, it captures it but only for 1 sec then it freezes...
  7. Suk0m8u

    Stream Layout: Tools

    Hello dear Community. Currently i am working a Streamer-Project (Twitch & YouTube via Restream). But it's very difficult for me to setup Stream Layout. For example: - Embedded music player - Show new follower - Show new donations - and so on.. The only things i managed to implement since...
  8. C

    Best option for NSFW OBS Stream?

    Hi! So I'm thinking about doing NSFW Vtube streams, but I don't really know where to host. I'd definitely be using OBS for this. I want the platform I choose to be able to integrate comments and tips into the actual stream without too much difficulty if that makes sense. I know Youtube and...
  9. O

    OBS Not Displaying PRPR Live Model in Overlay

    Hello, I posted on PRPR Live's forum too but it isn't getting any hits so I thought i'd post here next. Currently I am dealing with an issue where when I use the PrPr Live plugin/thing to add into my overlay, it doesn't show on either camera mode. Is this an OBS issue? A user error? or a Prpr...