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Source Record 0.3.2


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When recording my screen capture for gameplay it will only record seconds of it while the full obs record version records all and also my webcam record full length as well separately any fixes?


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I want to ask a question... How can i download a previous version of the plugin? Please someone give me an answer because i need it asap!
Thank you in advance!


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Is there a way to tell source record to capture multiple audio tracks? I have the option for different audio to be used, but can it record more than one? Would be really useful to have a game track and separate voice over track


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What is the difference between:

Hardware (NVENC, H.264)
Hardware (NVENC, HEVC)



Is this redundant or two different Encoders? Which one to choose? Is this perhaps on this machine only?

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(reg. Version 0.3.2)
The ones are the bottom are software encoders, while the ones on the top are based on hardware encoding.

Software encoders are there for if you don't have the hardware, but are significantly more taxing on your computer than if you got the hardware in the first place.

For instance, if you got a gtx 1060 and tried running HEVC, it would be using software HEVC and not hardware HEVC, as it wouldn't have the Turing encoder chip (that some 1600 and all 2000 onwards cards have).


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Hi, is anyone successfully using timecodes w/ source-record? The "different audio" setting looks promising, but it only appears to support one track and I assume it replaces the source audio vs augmenting it. I'm just looking to make editing easier after having ingested and recorded a few independent browser sources and adding an LTC track would help with this. Thanks!


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Hello, i'm installed source record and i see it in my OBS. but when i go to add the filter, my OBS crashes. any help?


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I LOVE that plugin and would LOVE to use it as well, unfortunately OBS crashes most of the time when i open the Filters on a source where Source Record is in. Even when i select other Filters to edit, OBS crashes. I removed the SourceRecord Filter and my OBS works perfectly.
The plugin does not have to be enabled to crash OBS, just when it is there...

The CrashReports always show the obs.dll!obs_properties_apply_settings_internal Thread as crashed as in the attached Report.

CPU : AMD7950x
GPU: RTX 4070Ti

Is there a chance for help?
did you ever figure it out?


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Came here to add to the list of people having crash issues with this plugin. It crashes every time I try to close OBS. Shame, as I love this plugin and it does help a lot with the kinda stuff I like to do.


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Not sure if this is actively being maintained or watched - but would love if we had the option to split by file size.


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I have problem with this plugin, it just stop recordings, after 40 minutes in one occasion and after 1 hour in other. I didn't stop recording at all, and i don't have hotkey to accidentally stop recording... Does anybody know how to solve this issue?


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On MacOS, whenever I use this plugin it causes the encoding for OBS to go completely bananas and basically stop rendering video almost completely (1 fps). I'm running a new Mac Mini M2 Pro and there is still plenty of headroom for performance, so it isn't a hardware bottleneck I assume.

I don't know what the problem is, but I've attached my settings below.

1st question: why is the encoders list in the plugin different than in the main OBS window? Is using the same encoder as for the stream (and recording) causing some kind of parallel encoding issue and that's why my issue occurs?

2nd question: I have the filter set up on a scene that I use to include guest streams, either via Twitch Guest Star or VDO Ninja. The recording that I do have does not show any of the Twitch Guest Star feed that I had active during my stream yesterday, only the background. I am completely at a loss as to why this is - if the filter is on the scene, which includes the sources in it, then the recording will include everything in the scene, right? The screenshot of VLC is of the recording that was made while the guests were active in the scene.


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Was anyone able to actually use the replay buffer option with this? So far i've had no success.
Update i got it to work pretty well, only thing that concerns me is the overall quality of the footage when compared to the regular replay buffer. Will tinker with settings some more and try to see if there is a solution.


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After spending a lot of hours tinkering with the settings i finally got it to work perfectly although it feels like the quality of the footage isn't exactly up to par with the already obs built-in replay buffer. It does the job tho, many thanks Exeldro for the awesome plugin!