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Help, source record plugin doesn't work, I have OBS Studio 29.0.2 in a Windows PC with Win11 22h2, every time it started stream and recorded, it shows me an unknown error and the plugin stops working, it doesn't record anything, I already tried not to record and the plugin recorded in streaming, in short, I already tried everything, reinstall the plugin, reinstall OBS, use a different version of OBS and nothing, now the plugin doesn't want to work at all and I can't find the reason for this, and since it only tells me that it is an unknown error, an error document is not generated either

Please I need help!!!


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Any chance we could get the ability to trigger Source Record when recording from the Aitum Vertical plugin?


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I have this problem and I don't understand why it crashes, and it's when I try to record a source with the plugin, I already tried to change the source codecs, and it doesn't work. Any suggestion or way to fix it?


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Then I have this other problem that has been bothering me for a long time now, as you can see in the directory where I send the recording it has an address (D:\Gameplays), but when I enter it it sends me to a completely different directory, now well , if I leave it as it is, it does not record anything, so every time I open OBS I have to enter the filter and put the desired directory (D:\Gameplays), this with the intention that it records, because it does not even record anything in the directory that it puts by default
My hypothesis of this is that in this folder: \AppData\Roaming\obs-studio\plugin_config, the plugin configuration is not saved, could you help me with this too?


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I LOVE that plugin and would LOVE to use it as well, unfortunately OBS crashes most of the time when i open the Filters on a source where Source Record is in. Even when i select other Filters to edit, OBS crashes. I removed the SourceRecord Filter and my OBS works perfectly.
The plugin does not have to be enabled to crash OBS, just when it is there...

The CrashReports always show the obs.dll!obs_properties_apply_settings_internal Thread as crashed as in the attached Report.

CPU : AMD7950x
GPU: RTX 4070Ti

Is there a chance for help?


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Deleting a source with a source record filter set to record on main recording seems to leave a phantom source behind which records the main output* when starting a normal record! This survived a restart of OBS.

After deleting a browser source (used for vdo,ninja) I discovered that whenever I made a recording I ended up with a second one in the folder originally specified for the source record. When I tried adding a new browser source the old, deleted one ,showed up in the list of existing sources but when selected did not appear in the scene.

I went back to my original scene collection. Duplicated it, deleted the source record filter before deleting the source and then restarted OBS and the phantom source had gone. Not only that, when I reloaded the problematical scene collection it had gone from there too.

There seems to be something odd going on if the filter is active and the source is deleted causing it to stay in the system and carry on functioning with whatever source it can find.
*of course could have just happened to be the source currently on the main output. However it was originally assigned to a browser source and the main output at the time was a UVC video source.


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Just writing here to say I'm still experiencing audio sync delay issues on long recordings when using Source Record. I also have noticed that my audio quality drops significantly when selecting audio through the tracks option in Source Record. Audio quality sounds great if I choose different audio and choose a source, but then my audio is super choppy or crackles at the same time.

Any chance we'll see a fix for the audio desync?


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With current verison of OBS, this plugin crashes obs while changing scenes witch have added the filter to a video source


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Please, compile it for arm64.
I recive error on compiling
error: implicit declaration of function ‘obs_view_add2’; did you mean ‘obs_view_add’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
963 | context->video_output = obs_view_add2(context->view, &ovi);
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
| obs_view_add
/home/vitalicus/Downloads/obs-source-record-master/source-record.c:963:39: error: assignment to ‘video_t *’ {aka ‘struct video_output *’} from ‘int’ makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Werror=int-conversion]
963 | context->video_output = obs_view_add2(context->view, &ovi);


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I've been checking back every now and again for another update and saw there was one. Happy to report it looks to be stable as far as crashes go with Source Record Version 0.3.2 on OBS Studio 29.1.1!! Initially when setting the plugin up on my sources I did have OBS crash a couple times but I was not only copying and pasting the filter from the first source to all the others I needed but also then changing the name on the file output to have SourceName_ at the front of the filename formatting.

I also want to specify that after the intial set up I have not had any other crashes yet in my testing and I even left it run for 30 minutes recording Elden Ring. I also tried to see if it would crash while opening up the filter options on the sources that had source record but could not get it to crash again so I think the crashing may have been due to copying and pasting the filters possibly, but it made it easier to have all the same recording settings for quality and such haha.

I am unable to change scene collections at all however now and OBS crashes when I try to. The error message says:

"There was a problem while changing scene collections and some sources could not be unloaded. This issue is typically caused by plugins that are not releasing resources properly. Please ensure that any plugins you are using are up to date.

OBS Studio will now exit to prevent any potential data corruption."

To me this isn't that big of an issue however, I rarely stream currently and since the plugin seems to not be crashing on me I could use one profile and scene collection and just set a hotkey to mute and hide the alerts and the same to toggle them back on.

However, with having Gameplay_, ElgatoCapture_, and DisplayCapture_ as different sources all in separate scenes I was ending up with DisplayCapture_ and ElgatoCapture_ also spitting out files in my recording folder. I even checked the option to disable the Elgato Capture when it was inactive but it still spit out an extra source record file for it anyway.

To solve that I have FaceCam_ on my camera and my gameplay, elgato capture card, display capture, everything else has Content_ at the front of the filename formatting. The only potential issue I've noticed there is that if you switch scenes then it stops recording that first source and begins recording the new active source. By naming all of the sources the same to avoid the extra files it complicates it a slight bit more as then I have 3 outputs that say Content_ at the beginning of the filename, but of course one could discern which is which based off of the timestamps on the files between the display capture and the game capture which look the same, the Elgato of course looks different.

Also I was mistaken about the single file being easier for my workflow, it turns out in DaVinci Resolve it handles 3840x1080 footage on a 1920x1080 canvas kinda weird and it makes a lot more work having to reposition where the camera is focused on when I zoom in, etc. If it wasn't for that it would be easier for the single file as it's 1 file with everything vs. having to group 3 files together in a folder to keep them separate from other recording sessions. Also the audio and video with one file always lines up, with the Source Record I notice the Master Recording with everything in it (and the audio) starts :00:00:06 before the Source Record recordings, but they line up if line up the end of all the files and cut the excess off at the beginning :).

For now I plan to use it and if I get any crashes while recording or streaming I'll just import my old Profile and Scene Collections, but assuming I continue to not get any (fingers crossed) then it looks like I will only need one Profile and Scene Collection to do everything which will be super nice! I'll post again if I run into any more issues or notice anything else.

Sorry for the lengthy post and thank you for all of your great work Exeldro! Any chance a future update may have the option to only record with the Source Record Plugin when the Source is Actively being displayed in OBS?


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It appears I was mistaken, OBS did update since I posted in April, but the Source Record Plugin itself has not had an update since the beginning of the year.

Anyway, I was doing some more testing today as I was going to set it up on my partner's PC as well if everything still looked good. For whatever reason it was working last night in testing, but today in testing when having Content_ at the front of the filename formatting it is causing the file to corrupt. It worked again if I changed the sources back to their source names but then I get extra recordings I don't need.

Furthermore, I did encounter more crashes again today, a couple while in the filter settings and a couple just randomly. I had two or three short test recording files corrupt due to hanging up in the OBS muxer as well. Unfortunately it looks like it will still not be reliably usable after all :(


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Hey guys,
Can i source record by using replay buffer so i can get separated gameplay and facecam for itself. I tried it but it didn't work.
Any help


I am wondering if the crashing problem depends upon the type of source being recorded? I have never had that particular issue using a browser source, *but* I have had issues of the source not being released when the source is removed if the filter is active. So I am wondering if the different symptoms come from the same cause, but manifest differently depending upon the source type.


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Hey all,

I wanted to check in on this plugin, since going to OBS 29 this one isn't working as intended. I have read multiple posts that it will crash OBS 29. I too have experienced this and wanted to see what others have done to rectify the issue.

I have considered going back to OBS 27 (where I wasn't experiencing an issue), but I am also using the Aitum Vertical Plugin as it will provide me some ability to make shorts easier to create.

Anyone have a solution for this or have found something that could be changed to make this work again?

Thanks in advance!

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Myself and a teammate are using Source Record 0.3.2 with OBS 29.1.1 on MacOS 13.3.1 (on Apple silicone) and while we're not experiencing any crashing, the screen recordings we're trying to take with the plugin are completely garbled.
Any ideas why?

Settings: Mov, Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder, CBR, 45000 Kbps, 0, high
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 12.35.36.png


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I’m having the same issue, as well. I’m also running Source Record 0.3.2 with OBS 29.1.1 on MacOS 13.3.1 (on Apple silicon). Hope there’s a fix coming.