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Source Record 0.2.6


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Not sure, is audio earlier or is video earlier? Can you provide me an OBS log file containing the issue?


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Hello Guys, i got an issue sometimes. My OBS record the Source what i want. But sometimes, if i use record button few times, it start record my preview screen too, so it produce 2 Videos at the same time, one only Source and one with hole screen.
Im using Encoder: NVIDIA NVENC H.264


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Hello. Unfortunately, this does not work for me. I have an Intel core i5 and a GTX 1080. I only use my computer to stream with.
When I record/stream, I use NVIDIA NVENC H.264,but I heard this does not work with Source Record. However, nothing I can use will work - software, Nvidia, etc. In fact, whenever I download the plug in and enable it, it completely bricks my OBS and makes it so it can't open, only in the background. The only solution was to revert to a previous back up.


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My Settings are:

Record Mode - Recording
Rec Format - mp4
Encoder - NVENC
Rate Control - CBR
Bitrate - 60000 Kbps
Keyframe Interval - 2
Preset - Max Quality
Profile - high
Psycho Visual Tuning - ( - )
GPU - 0
Max B-frames - 2

Its working well
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Would love to be able to use this plugin, anytime i enable it OBS tanks and goes from 60fps to 25-30fps and 50%-60% dropped frames

15:42:18.429: [NVENC encoder: 'HD Game Record'] settings:
15:42:18.429: rate_control: CBR
15:42:18.429: bitrate: 68000
15:42:18.429: cqp: 0
15:42:18.429: keyint: 120
15:42:18.429: preset: hq
15:42:18.429: profile: high
15:42:18.429: width: 3840
15:42:18.429: height: 2160
15:42:18.429: 2-pass: false
15:42:18.429: b-frames: 2
15:42:18.429: psycho-aq: 1
15:42:18.429: GPU: 0
15:42:18.979: ---------------------------------
15:42:18.979: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'HD Game Record'] bitrate: 128, channels: 2, channel_layout: 3
15:42:18.983: [ffmpeg muxer: 'HD Game Record'] Writing file 'C:/Game Play/Game 2021-08-15 15-42-18.mkv'...
15:42:34.882: [ffmpeg muxer: 'HD Game Record'] Output of file 'C:/Game Play/Game 2021-08-15 15-42-18.mkv' stopped
15:42:34.882: Output 'HD Game Record': stopping
15:42:34.882: Output 'HD Game Record': Total frames output: 327
15:42:34.882: Output 'HD Game Record': Total drawn frames: 341 (955 attempted)
15:42:34.882: Output 'HD Game Record': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 614 (64.3%)


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I've got a couple of issues with this. I'm running an all amd rig:
Amd Ryzen 7 3700x
Radeon 6700xt
32gb ram

Whenever i download and extract this plugin to my OBS folder, it crashes my OBS, i mean. OBS starts in the background and never pops up. When i delete source record files from the OBS folder, OBS starts as normal. When i tested this the first time, i worked for a small amount of time, i got issues when having the filter on two different scenes with different sources whereas i have a source for Elgato capture and one source for pc game capture. Whenever i started a stream, it started recording the correct source for about 20 seconds, before switching to the Elgato source, which was the last source i added the filter. This do not work anymore though as it just starts in the background.



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This plugin is great, but is there a way to basically use this with audio sources? I would really like to record my audio into a separate file since my editing program doesnt support multiple audio tracks...


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There is one more Problem i found, Pause function didnt work with Source Recording. If i pause record, it
continues record the video.


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I've been struggling with really high render lag. I get around 5ms per source record filter added to a 1080p source.


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Is there documentation on using the replay buffer feature? This is the killer feature I've been waiting for, but when I tried to use this like the regular replay buffer, nothing happened though I know that the source is being recorded.



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Hi, i dunno if someone already had this issu but it seem's that if you ad a source record that always record in one collection and switch to an other scene collection living the filter active obs gonna crash after a few minutes.

Maybe that was a me issu be after i change the filter to "streaming" instead of "always" crash stop.

Anyway not a big issu for a very good plugin.


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Hello I have an issue with the plugin, when I had the filter to a source then I close OBS, I'm not able to open it again with the scene collection I used. If I want to be able to open it again since it considers somehow that the scene collection is corrupted. I have to delete the collection where the filter is to fix it. Any ideas how to make it work?


Hello Exeldro,
I want to thank you for this great plugin.

My question is if it would be possible to record the source in their native FPS? I have a camlink 4k and if I use this plugin on it I end up with a 2160p 60 fps recording instead of 29,97 fps.


Plugin 0.2.5 seems to work fine with Audio Track option.

I miss some audio options, like for example bitrate option or "copy audio settings" (by copy I mean share the audio encoding for audio tracks)


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Not sure if its me or something but when i do a recording, video is there but there is no audio unless i use the Different Audio function. But in doing do, my mic gets pick up too.

Is there a way to do a recording that contains the source i am recording with only the audio that is attached to it ?