Sound issues with my Elgato HD60X


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Hi there,

Long story short, I really like streaming on twitch and I wanted to upgrade my gear and use an acquisition box to be able to broadcast all the next big ps5 exclusives.
So I took an Elgato HD60X released at the start of the year, I set everything up correctly, the console is displayed on 4k capture utility and obs, only small problem: I have to change sources to play on a monitor (this which seems normal to me) but I can't hear the sound coming from the console since this one is connected to my monitor which therefore puts it on the speakerphone, that's when my headphones are connected to my pc.
So I tried to connect my headphones to the monitor directly, but when I switch to the console source, I no longer hear anything on the pc (which also seems normal to me).
So that's my problem I know it was supposed to be short but sorry I've been on it for a month now... so I don't know if there's a way to fix it or if I'm completely stupid and it takes a double pc or something like that.
Your help wouldn't be too much friends.
Thanks in advance and have a nice Sunday!

Info that might be useful:
•I use two monitors
•I use Voicemeeter banana
• My two screens are connected directly to my graphics card, one via HDMI and the other via display port
•i tried to make the sound come from obs directly but its not perfect and there is some delay

(I’m French so excuse my english)