Second recording from single stream not recording all video

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TLDR: Only on 29.0.2 (has not been a problem on 28), doing more than one recording while streaming [to Twitch] makes the second recording have "sync" issues.

While streaming to Twitch, I often simultaneously record gameplay at a higher bitrate to throw on YouTube, typically using the Pause Recording function to cut out breaks and stuff like that as an easy way to roughly edit VODs for gameplay with almost no extra effort. It records in .VLC and remuxes to .mp4. Since upgrading to 29.0.2 a few days ago, I have noticed two recordings where the video and audio are out of sync, though it's difficult to describe "how." By that, I mean the start of the file has the beginning of audio cut off, while the end of the file has the video cut off; both files -- .vlc and .mp4 -- were identical.

While there are a few variables that I'm trying to separate, the one thing these errant videos have in common is that they are the second recordings of their respective streams. In an attempt to be as clear as possible:

Stream 1:
  • Recording 1: Completion of Cuphead DLC.
    • Ended recording after beating final boss, waited for remux to complete, realized I had more to do in the DLC.
  • Recording 2: More Cuphead DLC with new character and complete gauntlet.
    • This recording suffered from the issues described above; the beginning of audio was cut off by unknown amount, and end of video was cut off.
Stream 2 (following day after closing and re-opening OBS Studio):
  • Recording 1: Playing some demos of games.
    • Ended recording, looks perfect.
  • Recording 2: Continued playing through a different game.
    • This recording suffered from the issues described above.
Test of 2 recordings while not streaming:
  • Both recordings were fine, though only ~10 minutes each compared to my multiple hour recordings.
  • Even tested a 3rd to get more pauses and stuff in, and it was fine.

I am on Windows 10, build 19044; OBS 29.0.2.


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I too am having this audio de-synchronization issue when pausing my recordings. I use the same "strategy" for my recordings and have faced a similar issue, and it pretty much makes the footage completely unusable.

I have however not done this during streaming, for me the issue happens just while recording normally without streaming.

I'm running OBS 29.0.2-2 on Arch Linux