Question / Help Screen Recording when uploaded on youtube plays only at 360p and 720p on a mobile phone ?


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I have recorded my desktop screen and uploaded them on youtube and the video files only play at 360p and 720p or 360p and 1080p when played in a mobile device. although it plays absolutely fine when played on a computer. I have tried every possible bit rate and frame rate settings but none works.
I have a i7 8700k processor, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD and no graphics card.
I have tried encoding the video even through adobe encoder but that does not work too.
Please help me, I really need it.
link to my test channel here :


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This doesn't seem like an OBS issue.

I refused to update Firefox for a long time on my desktop, and after a while YouTube stopped offering me all the resolutions there. So I'm guessing its a browser issue, your mobile phone's browser doesn't support some feature YouTube wants it to have. Try updating it to whatever is the latest, or try a different browser.