Running OBS StreamLabs on Windows boot camp, dropping frames.


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Hi everyone first post here and I’m getting in to game broadcasting. Iv been in to event broadcasting for a while so I feel fluent in programming optimal settings in most streaming software but Iv never used StreamLabs so I might be missing something.

I’m running:
2018 Mac book pro with i7 6core
eGPU enclosure with 1660 ti (recently installed)
16gb ram

Everything seems to run perfect apart from stream labs keeps dropping frames.

Internet connection is 10mb upload and I’m streaming at 1080 6000bitrate which should be more than enough.

CPU usage is reasonably low due to running Nvidia encoding.

Il add I’m streaming and recording at the same time and the canvas is matching.

Streaming quality:
1080 60fps and 30fps tested (canvas matches)
When streaming, the CPU is running at 50-60%

The strange thing is the software is dropping frames even when it’s NOT streaming or recording. Which is weird! Streamed on this system loads with no issues at all.

Any suggestions would be great thanks in advance!


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This is not STREAMLABS support..
Go to Streamlabs and get support there...

OBS is an entirely different program...