low framerate

  1. H

    OBS Recordings always incredibly choppy

    I've tried literally everything from every different setting in OBS to tweaking things in cmd and no matter what my output is always choppy. All I want to do is record a good quality video that has smooth frames and even though in the video properties it says 60 frames it looks like about 10. I...
  2. M

    OBS Metrics are perfect, but stream is choppy

    I am trying to stream from my Xbox to Twitch via a capture card. The frame rate of my livestream is low, and the gameplay looks choppy, especially when I play fast-paced games like Overwatch. However, all of the OBS metrics look good. I have tried to make a comprehensive list of everything that...
  3. S

    Capture Card won't record video at 60fps, appears to be capped at 30.

    I just got a new capture card today and have spent all day trying to figure out how to record my xbox series s gameplay at 1080p 60fps. I've already changed the 'video' tab settings to 60fps but that still hasn't changed anything. After experimenting with all the different framerates, it...
  4. A

    Recorded video is very choppy. Audio is fine.

    Good morning all, I've been tasked at work with recording some Zoom meetings and my boss wanted me to use OBS as a backup. I did this for the first time last week and I looked back at the recording just now. The audio is perfectly fine but the video is just kind of a series of frozen frames...
  5. M

    Cant get fps to stay above 30

    my pc specs are: Nvidia 2060 I9-10900k 16g of ram MEG z490 Godlike my problem: No matter what settings i set my OBS to it just wont stay above 30 frames. I try to run it at 60fps but it will drop down to even 5 fps. I did a little reading and somewhere it said maybe my gpu is getting...
  6. TurtleChef92

    OBS Causing Game Framerate to Drop Intermittently

    A few days ago a bug randomly introduced itself where having OBS running (not even streaming or recording) will eventually cause the framerate of my games to drop massively (usually to around 40fps, down from 75fps). Once it starts it will last a about 20-30 minutes and usually stops for a bit...
  7. K

    Choppy OBS Recording while actual gameplay is smooth

    Hi, I installed OBS just for the purpose of recording my gameplays, so I was playing COD MW and the game is running smooth. When I finish recording from OBS, the recoding frame rate is very low and choppy while the audio is fine. Log below, appreciate your help...
  8. P

    Running OBS StreamLabs on Windows boot camp, dropping frames.

    Hi everyone first post here and I’m getting in to game broadcasting. Iv been in to event broadcasting for a while so I feel fluent in programming optimal settings in most streaming software but Iv never used StreamLabs so I might be missing something. I’m running: 2018 Mac book pro with i7...
  9. Morasby

    Bad framerate

    Hello! I've been searching on this forum for a while before posting, but I couldn't find something related. I'm currently doing streaming tests, to see if I can get to stream with a decent quality, and got to stream at 1080p50fps, with bitrate set on 6000-8000. Everything runs smoothly when...
  10. T

    3D PC Game Help - OBS Crashing

    Hello there, I've been having a problem in the latest OBS version where whenever I try to hook such games as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, it completely crashes my OBS. I reinstalled my copy of the game and also verified the integrity of the game files, also. This has been happening to me recently...
  11. R

    Question / Help My transmission fluctuates, the upload drops to 0

    My transmission fluctuates, the upload drops to 0, and my internet is perfectly good. Remembering that this happens most of the time when I change scenes. And when that happens, she doesn't come back with everything, she just keeps the rate low.
  12. S

    Question / Help Low "preview" and recording framerate from Apex Legends

    Before anyone asks, yes I did attach the log :) Some quick info: I play and record on a gaming laptop that has an integrated and dedicated GPU. I record with Nvenc and use CQP 20 I can confirm that Apex is running on the dedicated GPU (1660 ti). I can also confirm that OBS is running on the...