1. W

    OBS is having Bitrate and Dropping frames issues

    Today I had planned to stream to twitch but I have not been able to due to frames dropping over 100 frames and my bitrate is not a the correct setting. I have set up everything correctly and i do not understand why this is happening to me. It is even happening when I try to stream to YouTube...
  2. W

    Random Video/Audio Drops

    Hello, I am using a DeckLinkSDI 4k for output/capture And an AV Matrix for video capture. Every once and awhile Audio/Video will completely garble, dropout and come right back. Attached is my logfile. Should be the very last one
  3. renzokuken

    Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder gets randomly overloaded

    Hello everyone, I found that sometimes Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder gets overloaded I find it hard to find the reasons. Sometimes I just reset OBS and everything is fine without changing any settings. I did not report it earlier because I was waiting for the moment to reproduce it and I...
  4. P

    Running OBS StreamLabs on Windows boot camp, dropping frames.

    Hi everyone first post here and I’m getting in to game broadcasting. Iv been in to event broadcasting for a while so I feel fluent in programming optimal settings in most streaming software but Iv never used StreamLabs so I might be missing something. I’m running: 2018 Mac book pro with i7...
  5. S

    Question / Help Dropping frames when recording OBS footage help

    The video is coming out a little bit choppy, and in the logs it says I'm dropping some frames, what do I need to change?
  6. J

    Question / Help Stream looks amazing, but my side is choppy.

    the stream looks good playing 1080p 60fps and no hiccups at all.On my end (what i see) its somewhat choppy and i cant figure out what the issue is. im not dropping frames but its obvious that i'm not looking at 144fps. can anyone help as someone that plays competitively this makes it hard to...
  7. D

    Question / Help Videos not doing well

    Ok. So I have a problem with my videos where it only captures about 15 frames in the timespan of around 15 minutes yet OBS says it’s running at about 30 - 60 FPS. Is this a problem with my computer or how I set up my encoding software?
  8. R

    Question / Help Apex Legends Stream Shuddering

    Hey there I can run the game perfectly but when Im streaming on streamlabs obs the game capture is shuddering.. THIS I can fix by enabling IN GAME Tripple Bufferings however this effects my ability to aim.. if I turn Vsync off or to Dyanamic aiming is finee but game capture shudders.. aanyonee...
  9. Sp00n95

    Question / Help Internet Problems (drop to 0kp/s) after I reinstalled Windows

    Hi, in advance I wanted to say that it worked wonderfully 2 weeks ago. Here you can convince yourself! Twitch Video! Now I have reinstalled my Windows about a week ago. I had previously saved the profiles. But now I have the problem no matter whether with my old profile or if I delete everything...
  10. D

    Question / Help Framedrop right away when i go live

    I try everything but nothing works.. yesterday i was stesting and its works now im connected everything again and it drops the frames verry hard 0-50 kb/s