OBS is having Bitrate and Dropping frames issues

Today I had planned to stream to twitch but I have not been able to due to frames dropping over 100 frames and my bitrate is not a the correct setting. I have set up everything correctly and i do not understand why this is happening to me. It is even happening when I try to stream to YouTube. Since 1:00pm today I have been consistently trying to fix my issue but with no success. Lowering the bitrate would make the stream quality to low. I looked through your suggested page on this issue and I have tried everything on it. I even uninstalled OBS and reinstalled it to see what is happening. Please help because i would like to make content again soon. Here is the log file for it: https://obsproject.com/logs/XZbAFdHKmvfQK7G2
If I need to provide any other information please tell me.


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try this programm
select you zone
make a short test
deselect the bad servers on the right site you can change
the test time to 5 min make a new test and select the server in obs

dont use a ethernet wifi bridge or Powerlan !

update network drivers from the intel webpage !
Ok I ran that program and I the areas that I am in have low bitrate and a quality of 0. I have a ethernet connection directly to my wifi. Do you suggest that i install a new network driver or no?


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Quality 0 usualy means that your ISP is blocking rtmp protocol.
Can you post an screenshot of the test? Also, try streaming to another service like youtube or trovo and see if it's persistent.
When I was having the issue yesterday I tried to stream to YouTube as well but it didn't work because it was poor quality.

Today I was in a conversation with my ISP and I had to end it with them scheduling a technician to come over and fix it up. I'll get back to them and ask about that rtmp protocol. And if your curious about the date of the network driver. When I updated it that also didn't fix the issue.