Question / Help Internet Problems (drop to 0kp/s) after I reinstalled Windows


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in advance I wanted to say that it worked wonderfully 2 weeks ago.
Here you can convince yourself!
Twitch Video!
Now I have reinstalled my Windows about a week ago.
I had previously saved the profiles.
But now I have the problem no matter whether with my old profile or if I delete everything and even screw the bitrate down really far.
After a few seconds, the stream brings together and the bit rate in OBS falls to 0 kb / s.
As already written I have OBs reinstalled and deleted all files thoroughly. And it does not matter what bitrate or setting I try to stream.
I hope someone of you had this problem before and maybe can help me!
OBS Logfile
I hope you guys understand my bad English :)


  • old streamsettings.txt
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