Repeatable crash on W11


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I've updated to the latest 29.1.1 and it has the same issue as previous versions and is a confirmed problem on two different computers with completely different hardware sets.

On current Windows 11 machines, if I open the Multiview Windowed 9 box option, a windowed preview box, a windowed program box, and have my OBS Studio window open or minimized (usually minimized, but it doesn't matter, either way will do this). I am not 100% sure if it will crash with other multiview configurations (w/o Preview and Program), but I know this way will.

Using the above configuration, if I double click to switch a scene, but accidentally do this on the preview window or on the program window OBS will crash.


Side note, has any consideration been given to updating the Multiview option to allow users to key in a number of scenes, or providing the Preview/Program boxes on all supplied versions of scene options?

Thank you for all the great work on this application, it is an amazing project.


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