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    Studio Mode - Possible to add a hotkey for a Preview -> Program transition?

    As per title, is there any way of adding a hotkey to increment/decrement the transition bar between Preview and Program? Aka manipulating the last element screenshotted below - ideally looking to use a T-Bar if that helps!
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    Repeatable crash on W11

    I've updated to the latest 29.1.1 and it has the same issue as previous versions and is a confirmed problem on two different computers with completely different hardware sets. On current Windows 11 machines, if I open the Multiview Windowed 9 box option, a windowed preview box, a windowed...
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    Program as Source

    Hello! As a part of our setup, our organization has shoutcasters/announcers that have to be able to see some of the game sources at the same time our broadcast team does. Currently, we have a scene set as a full screen projector to a TV the casters can see. (This scene sort of resembles a mix...
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    Bug Report Multiview issue

    There are a problem in Multiview, in Studio Mode activated when i check on the HTML file " Shutdown source when not visible " this is still visible, i want this functionality be related in "Program" and not in "Preview"
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    Question / Help Any way to have a second output/program available to transition to?

    I've been using OBS Studio to manage a stream for a small church group. In addition to the program output sent to the viewers, there is a local display that receives a different output from OBS sources (Bible verses, lyrics, etc.). Right now, I just right-click on a the respective scene and...
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    Question / Help OBS ist not starting

    I installed OBS back in June and I had no problems.No I haven't used it for some time and It's not starting. Every time I try to open it's just flickering at the bottom for two seconds, and then it's vanished. Please help me :( Edit: I tried to reinstall it a few times but it is till not...
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    Question / Help Program not on list for Window Capture

    I have a small program that is not a game that I want to record in the background, but it does not show up on the list of sources for Window Capture. The program is a simple panel of buttons that light up when I press them, but does not make any sound. Here is a picture showing the issue...