Question / Help Recording Stuttering and lagging with low cpu/gpu/pc load.


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Ive been messing with this for hours and i cant figure it out. Ive tried low and high bitrates, different encoding methods (x264, NVENC) Looked at countless youtube videos and websites to try different settings and NOTHING has worked. IM LOSING MY MIND I NEED HELP.

Heres my setup.
water cooled i5-8600k @3.6 ghz
16gb ram
PLENTY of hard drive space.
GTX 1070 TI

Everytime i start recording i watch task manager. When using NVENC my gpu will never go past 20% usage even with a crazy high bitrate. x264 Just wont work, it maxes out my CPU every time.
Ive installed the latest drivers for the GPU, Uninstalled OBS and reinstalled it to no avail.

My video settings:
Recording Format: Mp4
CBR @ a bitrate of 30000
keyframe Interval : 2
Preset : Max Quality
Profile : High
Look ahead is on
Psycho visual tuning ON
Max B frames : 2

Base Res @ 1920x1080
Output Res @ 1920x1080 (also tried downscaling to 720 to fix the lag to no avail)
Downscale filter : Lanczos Sharpened 32 samples
common fps

Ive tried vbr to no avail.
Someone Please help me im losing my mind. :,(