low gpu usage

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    Encoding overload, despite cpu and gpu being at 30-40% ussage.

    Hi So I am trying to stream and I keep getting encoding overload at points, but I had task manager up and it said that my cpu and gpu were around 30% maby 40% at the max. Also the game I'm playing (batman arkham asylum) is not very demanding and is running at 30fps, so I wouldn't the gpu would...
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    Nvenc Recording Lag. Gpu at 40% usage

    My gpu usage is shown to be 40% while recording yet I still have freezes and lag. Gameplay is smooth for around 6 seconds then freezes and returns to being smooth again for another 5 seconds. Stats show no encoding or render lag at all https://obsproject.com/logs/noPts8ISnHK4X5q7
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    Question / Help Recording Stuttering and lagging with low cpu/gpu/pc load.

    Ive been messing with this for hours and i cant figure it out. Ive tried low and high bitrates, different encoding methods (x264, NVENC) Looked at countless youtube videos and websites to try different settings and NOTHING has worked. IM LOSING MY MIND I NEED HELP. Heres my setup. water...