Recording source audio without interfering with the PC audio


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Hi guys. I'm new here, as you can notice by my ignorance.

I would like to record a source, a video on a website, and record the sound of the said source without capturing at the same time my PC's audio. What is happening is that I get two sources of audio mixed together and that's obviously not good. What I have to do today is simply avoiding using my PC to let's say, watch a YT video at the same time that I'm recording a source on OBS, which is extremely annoying. Is that a way around that?

Thank you in advance.


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To extract the desired sources from the mix of general desktop audio is a common task. You need to "split" audio - that's the term used in the linked guides.

In general, it works like this: you install a virtual audio device and configure the app you want to record to output its sound not to the default device but to that virtual audio device. In OBS, you record that virtual audio device. These guides all deal with separating audio with different focus: