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Exclude multiple application's audio from OBS

I wanted to provide a little guide on how one can exclude the audio of applications from OBS or any kind of streaming software while you yourself can still hear it, eg. when you want to stream a game and want the stream to hear the game-sounds but not your Teamspeak communication while you can still hear everything.

I have seens some guides on how to go that on the internet, but most of them have one or more major disadvantages:
  • You need to be able to select audio output devices from within the software
  • You can only exclude one application
  • You have to use paid software
This guide requires none of these things.

The point of this guide is to be minimum maintenance and as easy as possible so that when you want to start stream you don't have to spent 5 minutes configuring your audio before that.

You just need to download two programs called
Virtual Audio Cable
Audio Router

Once VAC is configured you won't have to touch it ever again.
Audio Router is there so you can select which kind of audio you want to filter out.

I made a short instructional video on that as well as a written guide
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    This is a small update on what to do, If audio rout does not recognize the application: