OBS Stutter

Royal Demon

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Hey i have been having this problem for almost a year now and i have done many research and nothing has helped, i am doing mc speedruns mt game is fine the preview is fine but when i ahve finshed and open the video it is fine for a couple of seconds or minutes then starts to freeze then go smooth freeze go smooth etc it is very annoying my system should be able to handle this as well i have tried all encoders, res , lower fps , g sync on/off , tried 120 fps.

I have a amd ryzen 7 3800x

gtx 1070 ti

32g ram ddr4 3000mhz

3tb hdd

and 1 tb m.2 ssd



I am not an AMD guy and I don't have the issue but while gaming and overclocking years ago, nVidia came out with a control panel. Within this control panel for the GPU, you could customize apps and how they use a GPU vs the onboard processor. On the one or two AMD systems I have had something similar was there as well. Unfortunately I don't have an AMD system to tinker with so I can't help you directly. I would look through the GPU settings and make sure OBS is using the GPU for rendering vs the CPU. I had forgotten about this until I read over a thread a few hours ago. Taking a few sample videos this did actually help on my system. FYI the issue you are describing sounds to me like a buffer issue. Pushing things to the GPU should get rid of it. Also make sure your graphics settings are for performance mode and on top of that ensure you power profile is set for performance vs energy saving.


look at this thread as well.