1. Ariakan972

    Game is fluid, but preview and game capture stuttering / lagging

    Hi! I read a lot of post in the forum, and tried everything and I can't find whats wrong. I have a good PC ( i7-13700k, 4070 RTX, 32Gb RAM, SSD...) and I have this problem : Sometimes, randomly, for no apparent reason, OBS can't get me a fluid capture of my game. The game is fluid, and suddenly...
  2. R

    Audio problem when using UAD console

    Hi guys.. I have an annoying problem. after ten minutes of streaming, my audio got issues. I've noticed it before. I've checked my logs but can anyone help me or give advice? I don't understand it.
  3. M

    29.0.0 making games stutter and tear

    So I was streaming games no problem yesterday but this morning I made the mistake of updating OBS and now, when I open the app, the games start stuttering and dropping frames (it also locks every game to 120fps) without even trying to record or broadcast anything. All it takes is for me to open...
  4. S

    60 fps not smooth

    Greetings. I'm a obs user for many years but I have a problem that never fixed. I'm trying to record my game 1080p60. It's not bad but you can feel its stuttering, not smooth. I tried to record at 1080p144 and its super smooth. So my laptop is okay for this settings. Also when Im recording 144...
  5. P

    NVENC: is it possible to record two 4k monitors (7680 x 2160p) at 60 fps smoothly?

    Hello, I have two 4k monitors that I want to record side-by-side within a 7680 x 2160p canvas, no gaming, just desktop graphics (charts and text), is an RTX 3050 sufficient for this purpose? No streaming, just recording. HDD space is not an issue. I have attached logs from the attempts I've...
  6. Y

    Minecraft stuttering when i open OBS

    So my minecraft works fine untill i open obs, for some reason its like obs is just melting my minecraft. When i move my mouse the game stutters and its unplayable, any help? Also i use Lunar Client and down below are my specs CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x GPU: Nvidia Geforce 1050 ti RAM: 32 GB Hyper x ram...
  7. Royal Demon

    OBS Stutter

    Hey i have been having this problem for almost a year now and i have done many research and nothing has helped, i am doing mc speedruns mt game is fine the preview is fine but when i ahve finshed and open the video it is fine for a couple of seconds or minutes then starts to freeze then go...
  8. Y

    In-game stutter/lag when streaming

    my stream is perfectly fine but in-game stutter is makes the game almost unplayable, i'm playing COD Warzone on 1440p with max settings using a ryzen 7 3700x and msi ventus rtx 3080, pls help! here is the log file:
  9. AutComm

    keeps lagging

    Hello everyone I tried some stuff to fix lag and stuttering and frame drops but it only reduces it by a bit. The game is Minecraft if that's important. Are there some suggestions/ways to fix this? Thanks in advance for the help Here's the log
  10. A

    Can't seem to fix streaming and recording lag issues, any advice?

    I'm new to the forum, I just created my account, please let me know if this isn't the right place to ask for help. I've been trying to stream some Warzone gameplay to Facebook and it hasn't gone well. For a few seconds the gameplay is smooth, and then it lags a little, then it goes back, and so...
  11. J

    Question / Help OBS recordings stuttering really bad

    Hello! New to using OBS, I downloaded it and got it set up around summer and it was working fine until about a month ago, I'm getting a smooth preview but the recordings are really choppy and I 90% of the time use replay buffer, anyone know how to fix this? Here are my settings Log...