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YouTube Re-encodes the video and compresses it heavily thats why it looks bad, Try 1600x900 it's barely perceptible to the eye and will artifact much less. Also I haven't used restream but it could be the case the it is re-encoding as well. BTW if you're affiliated on Twitch restream is against your contract TOS just a heads up.

No I'm not affiliated on Twitch. Thanks for the response. I change a settings and it doesn't blur as bad now


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Fixed by disabling OBS preview, which was running on secondary monitor.

So my specs:
i9 9900k
RTX 2080 TI Gaming X Trio
16GB Ram

I am trying the new encoder settings as recommended. It seems like my encoder is constantly overloaded no matter what I do. I am trying to stream at 720p60 at 6k Bitrate to Twitch. I have tried limiting FPS, changing to quality, turning off look ahead, ect. I limited my FPS to 100 in Apex Legends (it renders at pretty much locked 144FPS in game) and it still happens. Is it possible Gsync is the cause of the issue? Like I said, no matter what I do once in game it lags horribly, like 25-30ms render time.

I just discovered when alt tabbed in the background typing this it continues to stream/render and its at .6ms - PERFECT! But as soon as game becomes active window it tanks again to sub 30 fps. I do have OBS set to high priority.

I have the same setup as you and I would highly recommend using x264 slow preset as the 9900K can handle it, key frame interval of 2, bitrate 6000, custom buffer 9000. X264 slow looks much better than the new nvenc. This will also give your gpu some more headroom for obs and the games.


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Is the "rescale output" just temporarily disabled for the new NVENC or is this gone forever?
When using the encoder directly through the NVIDIA SDK instead of FFmpeg, the ability to rescale on the encoder is not available. Generally speaking, it is recommended to rescale in Video settings, not output settings. The only case where it's useful to rescale on the output is if you are simultaneously streaming and recording, and you want those each to have different resolutions. In this case, it is recommended to use the old NVENC encoder, since the new one does not support rescaling.
okay guy here are the link to both my streams done with x264 and nvenc new. Streaming XBOX elgato hd60pro internal card

i7 7700k ,CBR , bitrate 8000k, faster, keyframe 2 , profile main, Also recording at the same time using New NVENC 40k bitrate


2080ti CBR,bitrate 8000k, quality, psycho tuning checked,,,,, Also recording at the same time 40k bitrate

Take a look see what looks better. My eyes are numb now.
Thanks for the upload. I can definitely see that the x264 in this case, looks far better on twitch. Might not be the same in other games where movement isn't as high though.


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Browser sources and panels are powered by the same thing (CEF) but are technically different. Sources are within the canvas (and need to be rendered by us off-screen) and panels are dockable widgets that load as normal.

What kind of crashing, in what situation, which version of macOS? When did it start, and what pages are you trying to load?

I made a post here https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-22-0-3-crashing-randomly-on-10-13-6.99090/

and a bug report here https://obsproject.com/mantis/view.php?id=1354

Trying to load streamlabs notifications


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Hey guys,

I updated my graphic card from 980TI to 2080TI and decided to try out OBS 23.0 RC1 couple of days ago with the new codec because on some games (like Apex Legends) I have been dropping a couple of frames (2-3) in the OBS output.

My specs:
i7 6700k (OCed to 4,4Ghz)
32GB RAM Dominator PLATINUM 2666Mhz
Win10 regularly updated (win game mode disabled)

Unfortunately I don't have them logs, but OBS 23.0. RC1 settings which I used were:

Rate control: CBR
Bitrate: 7000 (partnered on Twitch)
Keyframe interval:2
Preset: Max quality
Profile: high
Look ahead: check
Psycho Visual tuning: check
Gpu: 0
Max B-frames: 2

PUBG on 1600x900 looked really good, no dropped frames. However, when I switched streaming Apex Legends, I have been dropping sometimes more than half frames (the signal output from OBS had between 25-45fps).
OBS reported missing most of those frames due to rendering lag.

Checked task manager to see what is going on & saw my CPU being bottleneck (Apex games uses all of the cores up equally and even though my settings which use CPU are set to the lowest, my CPU was still a problem.)

Since I couldn't stream properly and also my stream deck wasn't working, I decided to go back to OBS 22.0.2 and see if I can try to stream with old settings where I have only been losing a couple of FPS (2-3 sometimes).
Stream did look less pretty comparing to new nvenc definitely, but I could stream Apex Legends with 57-59 FPS in output which was decent enough (60fps only when I was standing still).

OBS 22.0.2. settings:
Output mode: simple
Bitrate: 7000 (partnered on Twitch)
Encoder preset: High quality
Custom Encoder Settings: keyint=120

On both versions I had replay buffer active for highlights and no local recordings.
Used same scenes with same sources.

I read somewhere earlier in this thread that sometimes media source files can cause additional CPU usage even when they are currently inactive on the scene, is that correct? I also use 2 cameras (1080p) for my streams. Only one is added to the gameplay scene, though.

Anyone got idea what could cause such a difference in CPU usage between OBS 22.0.2 and OBS 23.0 RC1?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know 23.0. is going live soon and I just want to be able to stream games like Apex Legends without mentioned issues <3


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Hello all,
If youre like me you tried out Apex Legends and became EXTREMELY addicted due to the great mechanics and fast gameplay! BUT... every once in a while the game just ... POOPS! and closes and you dont know why! You complain that the game is new and unoptimized. Then a week later you play Anthem on release, and as youre having a great time in the environment and during a loading screen the game crashes. Or as youre doing something it crashes. I brought this to the attention of one of the devs on Twitter and he says "Its a possible software conflict issue" ??????? (confused at first) I began to turn of everything. VOicemeter banana, Razer, Task Manager, and Google chrome just in case. but still had crashes. I also stream on a Single PC setup, so this was very frustrating to me.
My rig: 7700k 4.8ghz, GTX 1080ti, 16GB
This was really troublesome because I was able to stream Anthem beta with no problems at all and Apex is so fun, it sucks getting a crash mid game or when there is 2-5 squads remaining. I know my setup isnt the most current BUT its ok. After disabling/ turning off a lot of programs except OBS, I started to think the "conflict" was with OBS. I then googled Apex crashing, and after thoroughly searching forums and different ways to say "apex crashing" i came across an r/nvidia thread and a r/obs thread about the new NVIDIA 418.81 was the cause and that these guys were rolling back there NVIDIA drivers to 417.XX and after they did so Apex did not crash anymore. And majority of these guys were RTX 2070 and 2080 owners. Me having a GTX 1080ti figured, why not try the same. I did a clean install of 417.XX and tested streaming both games for 30+ mins - 1 hour tests and have had no crashes in Apex or Anthem.
I should also mention that on the new 418 drivers my NVENC wasnt looking good AT ALL or was EXTREMELY laggy ( I assume because of high GPU usage), and after I rolled back NVENC works great even at 1080p Lanczos, quality, with Look ahead and psycho visual on! No lag at all.
this video helped me understand how to rollback my driver and how to do it properly: https://youtu.be/IwOgB3EMAHM


Having an audio desync issue when streaming for a while on the new release, streamed for 7 hours last night and by the end my mouth was 1 word behind. was using nvenc new,,,,,,,,,,,, the recording as fine

any suggestions


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Hey there, got a quick question/problem report.

So I've been using the live version of OBS studio without any problems and just tried this one (the New Nvenc version) out for FPS/quality increase.

The in-game FPS does seem better, but for some reason I'm getting frames dropped due to "encoding lag" in Apex, but other games work really well and that being said it's the first time I had those kind of dropped frames. Why are they appearing? I thought if I get to 100% GPU usage it will be rendering frames that are dropping.


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Still getting encoding overload and fps drops in OBS when I record with new NVENC while streaming 720p60 @4000k with x264 medium.
Same settings with old NVENC no problem


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The in-game FPS does seem better, but for some reason I'm getting frames dropped due to "encoding lag" in Apex, but other games work really well and that being said it's the first time I had those kind of dropped frames. Why are they appearing? I thought if I get to 100% GPU usage it will be rendering frames that are dropping.

Got the very same issue myself, explained it couple of posts before you. Still no answer :(


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Got "codec overload" red square for many streams, and found issue just yesterday.

Dear OBS devs, you messed something in Twitch servers list. When I chose "Europe: Germany, Frankfurt", my stream going to "Marselle, France" or something like that instead, with way worce bandwitch. Log shows that is my issue - frames get dropped due not enough upload speed. Before yesterday, can't find any issues in the logs.

I chose Amsterdam Server, and my issue was fixed.

By the way, not all Twitch servers are listed in OBS - for example, Oslo server are missing, and Helsinki one too.

Or its just my config messed up?

Can't post my OBS log for now - I'm on work.

Im suggest to everyone with codec overload check their Twich servers connections with software like TwitchTest. Too high bitrate for chosen Twitch server may be your issue.

Dear OBS devs, can we get additional frame drops indicator - dropped frames due to network problems?
Well, looks like this beta version works great, but, on a dedicated streaming pc obs is eating 50% from my rtx2070 (downscaling from 1440 to 1080, high profile, high quality 3 b frames 7.8mbps bitrate on twitch) , can't complain. Psycho tuning is weird, if you have a webcam, your picture will be worst, some area form the scream will be razor sharp, some not and is changing all the time especially if you play fast fps games as Apex, i unchecked this option. For those streaming from one pc, Apex is crazy eating the GPU, you can help limiting the fps in line arguments +fps_max 85 ( 85 is more than enough, u can't see anyway even 85 :) ) I did test x264 (slow) vs new nvenc, new nvenc looks better in fast motion.
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SO I have been messing around for about a week and couldn't get my head around why Apex Legends was taking 100% of my GPU power (2070). Even with V-sync ON.

Apparently there is 2 different settings for G-sync that need to be disabled for it to work. After I turned G-sync OFF on 2 places. I can now stream at 60fps and MAX settings in both OBS and the Game (1080p in game). Game lands on about 50% GPU. So the total load is about 80-90%GPU when I stream Apex now.

Check vids here for proof: https://mixer.com/KhadHD?clip=jA5YAhoIH0yDwXNOlsH7ig

Some situations can make it lag on stream (Like explosions) but overall I'm very happy I got it to work :D
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