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Hey guys, used new nvenc on stream pc with 1050TI, now i can stream on 900pX60fps, thats amazing.
But when i used both settings "look-ahead" and "psycho visual tuning", preset "quality", profile "high", gpu loads only for 50% and not more.
Is there any chance to increase that loading, and get more quality?


SO I have been messing around for about a week and couldn't get my head around why Apex Legends was taking 100% of my GPU power (2070). Even with V-sync ON.

Apparently there is 2 different settings for G-sync that need to be disabled for it to work. After I turned G-sync OFF on 2 places. I can now stream at 60fps and MAX settings in both OBS and the Game (1080p in game). Game lands on about 50% GPU. So the total load is about 80-90%GPU when I stream Apex now.

Check vids here for proof: https://mixer.com/KhadHD?clip=jA5YAhoIH0yDwXNOlsH7ig

Some situations can make it lag on stream (Like explosions) but overall I'm very happy I got it to work :D

Would be good to explain where those 2 settings are and how to do it for upcoming peps having problems with this, just saying :)


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Alright to "force scaling in game capture down to 720p" but encoding @ 1080p to keep overlay crispy with performance improvements?


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1. Could you tell me please, with the help of the new coder you can stream simultaneously on Twitter and YouTube? If it is possible, is it possible to specify different bitrate and other settings? will there be an increased load on the graphics card in this regard?
2. And the second question, if my game is in 1080, and I in the "OBS - > Video" settings put the output resolution 720p60, the advantages of the new codec will not(for example, such as increased performance due to direct sending data from video memory)?
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For some reason my OBS randomly freezes and I get encoding and rendering lag.

I'm running two computers with capture cards hooked up.
Black Magic Intensity Pro 4k - Gameplay
Avermedia LGX - Facecam

My dedicated streaming computer got an GTX 1050 for nvenc only.
GPU usage is about 40% when streaming, CPU usage is about 30-40%
But I'm getting sudden spikes in performance where my 1050 GPU suddenly drops to 0% and then spikes up to 100% before stabilizing at 40% again.
Partnered streamer, running 1080p60 output

Again, I'm using a dedicated streaming rig.

Clip of frame drop:

Running OBS 23. RC2

NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)
CBR 6000
Max Quality
Look-ahead: yes
Psycho Visual Tuning: Yes
Max B-frames 4

GTX 1050
AMD FX-8350
Win 10

Log attached.
What can I do?

Also seems like OBS is having problems if I flick or move my mouse really fast around as well.
Bitrate spikes to 9k+ even though "Enforce streaming service encoder settings" are checked.

Best Regards.
Daniel Lange


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Is anyone looking for any notes on plugin compatibility on this build yet? obs-websocket doesn't seem to want to load on the RC for me.. logfile just says "obs-websocket.dll not loaded" without more information.


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Are you on RC1? Or if you're on RC2, did you install RC2 over RC1? Do you still have the bin/64bit/Qt5Network.dll file in your OBS folder? If so, delete it to get the websocket plugin running again.


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RC2 and I did install over RC1. I will delete that .dll.

Update: Okay, that seems to have done it.

For the sake of clarity, I've done a fresh install of RC2 in a separate folder.

I've manually installed the 2 other plugins I regularly use: obs-ndi and transition override matrix. They both work.

If I manually install obs-websocket, that includes a QT5Network.dll file, but in obs-plugins/64bit, not in bin/64bit.

Then I delete the one in bin/64bit and keep the one in obs-plugins/64bit and that seems to work.

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This release candidate is really choppy for me no matter what settings I choose. Had no problems with test-9, but with this one videos are stuttering, although dropped frames are like 0.2%. Recording at 1440p60, RTX2080. Settings tested Quality, Performance, Max Performance. No visual tuning or look ahead was applied. FLV, MKV, MOV. Same. 48fps or 60fps - same.


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It seems that this problem mostly affects Game Capture mode. When running display capture, same game, same settings, the problem is almost gone. Changing from CQP to VBR and bumping bitrate to around 80k almost eliminates this problem completely. While using around 50-60k it is somewhat still noticeable. Note that it was noticed running Metro Exodus. I thought it may be RTX problem or DX 12. But no matter RTX on or off, DX 12 or DX 11. It still persists. Even when GPU usage is bellow 80-90%. Something is really wrong with Game Capture as Display Capture is almost buttery-smooth, even with full GPU load.
Even with a 2080 Ti and a GTX 1080 at my disposal (NDI user) i feel Nvenc just doesn't work. Trying the highest quality possible at 7k bitrate and it is almost crap compared to x264 faster. I have been streaming at 100 fps for a while and it is even more noticeable there. I'm glad i can choose x264, but the issue is OBS is such a hog for the videocard for the rendering job. As soon as a game takes more than 84% gpu recources, frames are lost due to rendering. There's gotta be a way to lower that somehow. It's pretty much the difference between medium and high settings in game. I have done all the steps to make in game % lower, limit fps at 100, limit hz on screen to 100 etc.


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@Fenrir speaking about nvenc custom encoder options, just add same field as in x264 - "x264 options". I've personally tested some settings and found that non default aq-strength is pretty useful in my case for nvenc.

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Does anyone know when the official release date of OBS Studio 23.0 is scheduled?


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I think it's safe to expect a release later this week. We've been hard at work fixing up bugs from people's reports and are just about ready to do.
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