Question / Help OBS NDI - Audio Bug


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Hi everyone !

I have a little problem with my NDI setup (2 computers Win10, the first sending NDI (screen + desktop audio & webcam + discord audio) with the Scan Converter app, with a dedicated router between them).

Everything is fluid (audio & video) viewing live or recording. However, the monitoring audio is cut/delayed/etc if the NDI video stream don't change. If I let my screen with just my motionless desktop, the sound of my NDI-sending computer will not be send to my ears (but everything is fine on recording or on Twitch). I can reset it by disabling/enabling monitoring through the "advanced audio options" menu, but as soon as something changes on my screen, this bug will arrive again.

Does anyone has a solution ?

Thanks in advance !
(written by a french people who hopes that his message is understandable ^^)