Question / Help OBS delays the sound of certain source


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Hi there!

I'm having troubles with my OBS v25.0.1 and my windows 10 64bits, let me explain:

I'm streaming since 16 months ago and never had problems. Never restarted the OBS, everything was going well.... Three days ago something started to happen:

Since 3 days ago, after 3-4h of being streaming, (not when i start the stream) there's audio delay in only one source, the game play. Not in the webcam, not in discord, only in the gameplay. Other sources work perfectly

Never happened before and i didn't change the OBS settings.

To fix it, i have to restart my pc...
I tried everything, if some one has any idea... it'd be really appreciated! xxx
If you need any kind of info let me know and I'll answer asap

Here's some examples:
Twitch Clip

Thanks!! :)