Question / Help OBS: Choppy Recording Playback


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I am new to the OBS/recording community and I am having some issues with the playback quality of my recordings. When I view my recording, the playback is choppy and looks like it skips frames. I have tried many things and nothing seems to work or make it better. Below is a list of of said "things":

- Optimize OBS settings.
- Reduce in game FPS cap
- Turn off Windows Game Mode
- Run OBS as administrator

I should note that when I am recording, I do not get any frame drop in game. PC specs are below:

CPU: Ryzen 2600X
GPU: RTX 2060
Strage:1T M.2 (I do not have another form of storage yet)

Here is a log:

I am open to any and all suggestions! :)


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Make sure you're using VLC to playback videos. The built-in windows video player does not handle high framerate video properly.

Also, you are running two monitors at different refresh rates. Windows 10 currently has issues handling this (with a fix hopefully coming in the 2004 update). The only known workaround right now is to run all your monitors at the same refresh rate, preferably 60hz to match recording framerate.

As a side note, do not record directly to .mp4. This container format requires closing metadata written at the end of recording, so if anything happens to interrupt the recording abruptly (such as a crash), then the entire recording will be corrupted. Record directly to .mkv or .flv instead. If you need .mp4 for editing purposes, then you can remux the recording afterward (either automatically via the advanced settings, or manually through the file menu).