Question / Help No audio in recording?


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It appears you are recording in 3-track audio. Do you have your mic going to tracks other than track 1?

Video players only play back one audio track at a time. You will need to switch between tracks to hear what you've recorded in the others. In VLC, this is selected under the Audio drop-down (at the bottom, it should list all 3 tracks).

Just as an aside, there's a few other things you may want to fix looking at the logs:
- You have several of your audio devices at different sample rates. To avoid potential future issues with sample mismatch distortion, you may want to consider switching all involved audio devices to either 44.1khz or 48khz, and setting your audio sample rate in OBS to the same.
- You're encountering rendering lag, which is a result of OBS not getting the necessary GPU prioritization. This can be alleviated by running OBS in administrator mode.
- Turn off "Rescale Output" in your encoder settings -- this option forces the nvenc encoder to fall back to the older method which requires extra PCIe bandwidth for frame transfers. The Output (scaled) resolution setting in the Video tab should usually be the only setting that needs to be adjusted (with the exception of recording at one resolution while simultaneously streaming in a different resolution).