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    Random parasite sound

    Hello everyone! I've just encountered the following problem today; it's the second time I've encountered it, which isn't much compared to the number of registrations I do on OBS, but it's a big problem. I recorded a 2-hour game session. The sound from the application (game) was sent to one...
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    Transparent .mov video giving choppy sound

    I'm trying to bring an animation with a transparent background and music. File is exported as a .mov in premiere pro and the transparency works fine, the issue is the sound is severely distorted, chopping in and out so I can hear about half a second every 3 seconds or so. The audio monitor...
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    Struggling with huge sound issue

    Hi ! Everytime a constant sound is being played (like music for example) i get a regular tick (really high and almost painful) every like 5-10seconds especially with some more bassy/rythmic music. This happens only on stream and recordings i don't get that on my headphones. I use voicemeeter to...
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    Help with sound (OBS fresh install)

    So I installed obs but when i record the sound is distorted and has no "depth". Im pretty sure it has something to do with the ?audio mixer card? since i installed obs once and got it working but im not sure... A link to a guide or video would be much appreciated log files...
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    Microphone No Sound

    Hi, my microphone is detected as an input device however OBS doesn't appear to detect any audio. I have checked input devices an the microphone can be heard through the computer. I am assuming it is some kind of driver issue. Here is my log file:
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    Question / Help No audio in recording?

    OBS detects that there is sound coming from all the sources I have but there is no audio when I playback the recording.
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    Question / Help Very strange voice sound

    Hi, Can anyone help me? I am powerless. From time to time there is such a sound, such a modulation of speech. I don't know how. I don't know why. It happens after some time, OBS restart helps, but after several dozen minutes - again. I...
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    Question / Help Sound problems?

    I'm pretty sure it's not an OBS issue cause it does happen with SLOBS and even on Discord when I try to stream. I have this sound problem, where it cuts out randomly and doesn't really come back until I use elevated CMD to "net stop audiosrv" and then "net start audiosrv" again. There's no...
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    Question / Help Distorted Audio

    Hi, I recently got a new pc and am having trouble capturing audio like I used to. I use OBS to record small audio clips to use for my animation, but on my new PC it has started recording it really distorted, almost 'fuzzy' sounding. I have a video showing what the audio should be like vs what it...