Microphone No Sound


Something not right here:

23:18:43.272: WASAPI: Device 'Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)' [48000 Hz] initialized
23:18:43.272: [Loaded global audio device]: 'Desktop Audio'
23:18:43.306: avresample_open failed: error code -22
23:18:43.306: creation of resampler failed

Keep an open mind when it comes to audio because there are many layers involved. It can be something like physical hardware that is causing the problem. Are you using your computers standard audio jacks on the front panel and back panel? There could be physical jack connection issues (i.e. like bad rca jack plug, bad audio panels, bad connection between wiring from/to the motherboard, etc.). I've seen this personally and even with some people's computer systems on here. So don't rule that out.

Do this in the following order:

Update Windows 10 to the current build 2004
23:18:41.456: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 18362 (release: 1903; revision: 900; 64-bit)

Update motherboard audio drivers
Since you are using the onboard Realtek audio, I'd suggest that you go update the audio drivers from the motherboard manufacturer.

Sync all active audio drivers to the same sampling rate
  • Right click on volume icon in the system tray
  • Select Open sound settings
  • Click Sound Control Panel in the right hand pane
  • For each playback and recording device in the list that are enabled and which you use, right click Properties and set Advanced Default Format to 44100 (*)
  • Go into OBS Studio Audio settings and set the sampling rate to 44.1
(*) If there is at least one audio device that only offers 48000Hz, set them and all the others to 48000Hz. Also set OBS audio to 48kHz


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Im afraid that the issue and solution were less interesting than I had hoped for (especially considering the amount of time I spent working towards a solution). It would appear that my computer wasn't correctly compatible with the latest version of the driver (for the interface). So I rolled back and to umc 1820 driver 4.38 at this point my issue magically vanished. Hope that my suffering and the kind help from members above may be of use to someone in the future :)


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Hi, my microphone is detected as an input device however OBS doesn't appear to detect any audio. I have checked input devices an the microphone can be heard through the computer. I am assuming it is some kind of driver issue.
Here is my log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/NTKCoD_lhhVNFSXs
Cheers in advance
I'm having similar issue with Realtek (audio and mic). I have reloaded the drivers - still no fix.