Transparent .mov video giving choppy sound


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I'm trying to bring an animation with a transparent background and music.

File is exported as a .mov in premiere pro and the transparency works fine, the issue is the sound is severely distorted, chopping in and out so I can hear about half a second every 3 seconds or so. The audio monitor doesn't reflect this however, displaying as if the sound were uninterrupted.

If I view the file in VLC the sound works perfectly, so it must be something in OBS that is causing this to happen. Right?

Any ideas?

Log file


What's the file size?

I created an animation with Davinci Resolve and exporting with transparency it would output a very large file, which was unplayable inside OBS (very high CPU usage). Then I removed the alpha channel and put a green background, exported to mp4 without transparency; added to OBS and used "Color Key" effect to remove the green bg and it's working fine (still using some GPU and CPU).

I had no music there but wanted to share my experience.


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Thank you for jumping in with your experience!

It's pretty small, only 4.5MB for a 25 second clip as it's just a few emoji's being revealed left to right. I don't think it's a CPU issue as it's exactly the same every time and actually it works fine with clips my colleagues are outputting on macs, just not mine produced on Windows on Premiere.

The green screen is a good idea but it won't work for me in all situations. After posting this I downloaded Davinci Resolve and managed to get exactly what I wanted so I know it's possible, I would just like to try and avoid going back to the start, redoing a bunch of files and learning a new programme after spending a year getting comfortable with Premiere for something that feels like it should be easily managable.