1. M

    Use "Apply alpha in linear space" to Browser source

    Items with semi-transparent background (especially light/vibrant colors) look grayish. Images with same features looks like that as well before applyng setting "Apply alpha in linear space". Is there ANY WAY so get the same effect for a browser source? I tried to look for solution on browser...
  2. E

    Recording withe the PNG codec in a MOV container no longer has a correct Alpha Channel

    I use OBS on a Window 11 system to record a Browser Source with a transparent background, by selecting a MOV container and PNG codec. This always worked fine up until version 28.1.0, and it still does not work in version 29.0.0 (the background is no longer transparent), but version 28.0.03 works...
  3. FreakyMood

    Reverse Color Key

    I want to transparent everywhere except for one color (red) in a playing video. In the picture that I sent, The part I show is moving so I can't just crop it. How can I do this?
  4. M

    game capture of Valorant Hud only with allow transparency on, which capture method is used?

    I ran across this thread on reddit, & managed to duplicate it with the following: 1-run Valorant in full screen exclusive mode (Disable full screen optimization) "or don't tested with it enabled no difference" 2-Add a game capture source, specific window capture, select valorant, default setting...
  5. D

    Black screen transparency

    Hi there, I have an issue with a streaming set up for a church service. I'm streaming a live camera input, with an inset of a display capture from the projectors, which are usually showing a slideshow (using Proclaim software). When I show a black screen, it looks like the projectors are off in...
  6. borayds

    Can't Make Webcam Background Transparent by Using Chromacam on macOS

    While trying to make video capture device(webcam) background transparent without greenscreen with the help of Chromacam, OBS just gives me a black background. However, it works fine with image backgrounds, successfuly cropping me from my webcam. Also, I can successfully do transparent background...
  7. C

    Transparent .mov video giving choppy sound

    I'm trying to bring an animation with a transparent background and music. File is exported as a .mov in premiere pro and the transparency works fine, the issue is the sound is severely distorted, chopping in and out so I can hear about half a second every 3 seconds or so. The audio monitor...
  8. ScruffR

    Support for transparent windows

    I have got a WPF Inking application that can be overlayed ontop of any other application - e.g. to sketch off or annotate the display the underlying application presents. However, when I try to use this application for a OBS Window Capture the application's screen is not captured at all, not...