Black screen transparency


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Hi there, I have an issue with a streaming set up for a church service.

I'm streaming a live camera input, with an inset of a display capture from the projectors, which are usually showing a slideshow (using Proclaim software). When I show a black screen, it looks like the projectors are off in person, but the stream still shows a black rectangle where the picture was. Is there a way to either make the blank screen transparent, or disable the source when the entire screen is blank?

The current solution is to output the proclaim slideshow through NDI, which has a transparency layer, but seems pointless when I'm streaming and running the slideshow from the same computer. It also lags massively when playing videos.

I've tried using advanced scene switcher to disable the source when it's entirely black, but haven't managed to get it to work properly, possibly from lack of experience.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.