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I don't know where this problem came from, I streamed no problem this passed Wednesday but now the video from the capture card isn't going through and I don't understand why. I verified that the OBS link was up to date, updated OBS studio, and rebooted my notebook at least 3 times with no change. I'm not sure where else to check. Last resort I can uninstall and reinstall but I'm trying to avoid that if possible. If it's possible to update the capture card's firmware, I have no idea how.

OS: macOS Monterey v12.2.1
OBS: v27.2.4 (64 bit)
Capture Card: Elgato HD60 S

If it helps, something else I noticed while troubleshooting is that when I hover over the various visual sources (images, browser links, NDS), all except NDS (capture card) will show an outline so I can resize but NDI doesn't, I don't know why it's not showing.
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