1. C

    Chrome loses window capture. Turns black when not in focus.

    Using 'window capture' with Chrome browser in OBS loses feed and turns black when Chrome is not 'on top' (the focused application). Capture feed returns when Chrome is brought back into focus. Research within this forum and around the web has offered solutions but most are outdated and none...
  2. H

    Monterey 12.4 / MEVO Webcam / OBS

    Happy Friday, I recently purchased a MacBook Pro M1 running Monterey 12.4. I downloaded OBS 27.2.4 and connected my MEVO (by Logitech) camera, added it as a Video Capture Device. Unfortunately OBS does not recognize/ see the MEVO camera. I also use an M1 iMac Desktop. running Big Sur 11.6.2...
  3. P

    OBS not showing video capture device when selected.

    I'm using obs 27.2.4 on a 2017 macbook pro running MacOS Monterey with a Intel i5 dual core processor. I had obs running just fine before the Mac update from big surr. After the update I no longer can see my video capture device input on screen nor can I record or Livestream. I need any help...
  4. Z

    NDI Source: Capture Card - No Video

    I don't know where this problem came from, I streamed no problem this passed Wednesday but now the video from the capture card isn't going through and I don't understand why. I verified that the OBS link was up to date, updated OBS studio, and rebooted my notebook at least 3 times with no...
  5. Bill Kochman

    How to Add a Poll to My OBS Stream in macOS Monterey

    Hello. I am rather confused. I have been using OBS on my 2019 5K iMac for about ten days now. I discovered today that I could possibly add a poll widget to it. However, when I click on the "Add Source" button, there is no widget source to enable me to add a poll. So, I investigated online, and...
  6. P

    Doesn't see "Screen Capture" Monterey

    Good afternoon. Doesn't see the screen capture. The browser window, applications does not appear. I can't select them from the list. What can you do about it?