How to Add a Poll to My OBS Stream in macOS Monterey

Bill Kochman

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Hello. I am rather confused. I have been using OBS on my 2019 5K iMac for about ten days now. I discovered today that I could possibly add a poll widget to it. However, when I click on the "Add Source" button, there is no widget source to enable me to add a poll.

So, I investigated online, and my impression is that the poll widget can only be added if you are using Streamlabs Desktop, and not the regular OBS. So I downloaded and installed Streamlabs Desktop on my iMac. I also followed the prompt, and imported everything from OBS to Streamlabs Desktop. I also connected Streamlabs Desktop to my Facebook account.

According to the instructions at, after adding the poll widget to Streamlabs Desktop -- which I did (no other settings were made yet -- the next step at the above web page says "Login into the Streamlabs dashboard and click on CLoudbot under “Stream Essentials.” The problem is that there is NO "Cloudbot" option under the "Stream Essentials" section in the macOS version of Streamlabs Desktop. So, I am lost and don't know how to proceed from here.

Question: Is "Cloudbot" only available in the "Prime" version of Streamlabs Desktop perhaps?
You'll have to ask a Streamlabs forum, I think.

Maybe you'll get lucky and someone here will know, but you will probably get a faster response on Streamlabs forum/subreddit/iunno.


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you can add a live poll from LR into OBS using their plugin. You can insert images, videos or text as voting options. Super easy and everything is calculated automatically