iPhone -> Mac -> Facebook Lag


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System: MacBook Pro and IPhone 8+
Software: OBS streamlabs, QuickTime player, 5k airplay mirroring app, ML:BB, Facebook.

Procedure followed:
1. Connect phone to iPhone cable by plugging cable into phone lightning connected port, and then connecting the USB end to the computer.

2. Open up QuickTime/5k on the MacBook with default settings, and run the screen mirroring program. No lag.

3. Use window capture with default settings via Streamlabs to capture the QuickTime/5k window. The preview of the QuickTime through streamlabs is visibly lagging despite the lack of lag in the actual QuickTime/5k app.

4. Initiating the Streaming via OBS to Facebook results in a very laggy video on the stream, mirroring the lagginess from the preview on Streamlabs.

Can anyone help me find the solution to my girlfriend’s streaming problem? She’s having trouble streaming from her IPhone 8+ to Facebook via screen mirroring to QuickTime/5k due to the output through OBS being very laggy. This lag shows up on both the Facebook livestream and in the OBS preview, however the lag is not present when viewing previews on Quicktime/5k.

If anyone has experienced this before and knows what to do it would be seriously appreciated. Guidance towards recommended problem solving processes for issues like this would also be very helpful!

If you need any more information, please feel free to ask and I’ll get whatever I can.