Question / Help I cant Livestream Steam games???


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Im having this weird problem,I dont have the best computer,he is kinda of old(Intel I3 from 2013,i think,and 4 gb of ram,intel graphics 4000),and not the best internet conection(10 mb download,1mb upload), but i can livestream decently a few games,most of them are on emulation(NES,SNES,Genesis,PS1 and even PSP) or 2D games games like,megaman maker ,all 720p at 700 bitrate,with somewhere between 0% to 6% of frame loss,on Youtube,but when i try to livestream some game from steam,it goes downhill,the audio from my voice and the game go fine,but the gameplay capture turns into a slideshow,frezzing frame,going to 90% of frame loss,at first i tought that was the games demanding too much from my computer,because i tried to stream a low poly fps(ULTRAKILL),with all the effects turn off and still got the problem,but i tried some less demanding games from my Steam Library and i still got the same problem, like Duke Nukem 3D megaton edition,Quake 1, even Megaman Legacy Collection vol.1,a emulation from NES GAMES suffer from that, I even tried to reduce the live resolution but the frame loss continue ,I check the task manager and the games and even the emulator were more demanding than some Steam games i tried to run, I just want to know, what I can do to fix that,its Steam Client or something that i have to desabilitate to everything goes fine??
My OBS version is the 25.0.8(64-bit,Windows),but the problems were happen even before the update
obs:sorry for any grammar error,english is not my native language