slide show

  1. Keith Schneider

    OBS Lua SuperMediaSlideShow 1.7

    A lua script that drives the OBS Image and or Media source to deliver a well featured Multi-Media Slide Show like presentation. Media files are loaded from folders on your system and there is little limit to their number (thousands should be no problem). Features: Shows Images - The simple...
  2. S

    Slide Show restarts every time you change scenes

    I have three different scenes that contain the same slideshow source. Is there any way to prevent it from restarting every time you change between those scenes?
  3. J

    Image Slideshow with Duplicate Source Enable Reseting to First Image

    I'm wondering if there is a bug (or it its not possible) when using image slideshow and enabling duplicate source when using Studio Mode. My Idea is to be able to see in Preview and choose which image in the slideshow before transfer it into the Program Window. I've set the behaviour to Pause...
  4. B

    Question / Help I cant Livestream Steam games???

    Im having this weird problem,I dont have the best computer,he is kinda of old(Intel I3 from 2013,i think,and 4 gb of ram,intel graphics 4000),and not the best internet conection(10 mb download,1mb upload), but i can livestream decently a few games,most of them are on...
  5. R

    Question / Help About Source: Image Slide Show

    Hello, I am trying to add something about 30 pictures in the queue to play the Slide Show, and the OBS only recognize the first seven pictures, ignoring the others. What Can I do? The OBS Source Image Slide Show has a limit of pic to put in the queue of Slide Show?
  6. K

    Question / Help Slide show and strange behavior

    Hello, (text translated with an automatic translator, sorry) Until today, I had version 21.0 and I did not encounter any limitation with slideshow, whatever the name of the file in my folder. But today I downloaded version 25.0.8 and I only have a few images of my folder scrolling through the...
  7. H

    Bug Report Slideshow on Mac and Windows

    Hi! I have a problem with slideshow that other people are also experiencing. OBS show the first 19 slides only, looping only them and going further. This happens on Macbook Pro 13" with 8GB RAM, while on Windows with 16GB it works OK and I can use all of my slides. It all happens in 64bit...
  8. decay59

    OBS Lua Browser Image Slideshow v2.0.1

    A local browser source that plays images in random or alphabetical order. Displays each image exactly once per loop. Useful for slideshows that may exceed OBS's slideshow's current 250mb uncompressed memory limit. Works offline. Advance slideshow automatically or via OBS hotkeys Uses HTML...