Bug Report Slideshow on Mac and Windows


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I have a problem with slideshow that other people are also experiencing. OBS show the first 19 slides only, looping only them and going further.
This happens on Macbook Pro 13" with 8GB RAM, while on Windows with 16GB it works OK and I can use all of my slides.
It all happens in 64bit version.

I heard of 250mb limit for slideshow, which is counting for uncompressed, raw images - but if this limit is fixed, why I see all 87 slides on Windows, and only 19 on Mac, why is it?



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my OBS too. when i selected a folder it include 50 images but OBS show around the first 19 slides only. it happen especially 16 bit directory name.


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I modified the images size to 1280x720 (I think you can modify to others size too, i mean, 800x600, 1024x768, etc) and the problem was solved. I tried 70 images and it works!!!! The original photos has 6000x4000 (24Mpixeles) and i think OBS has problem to manage that.

Le NaturoPat

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Thanks ! They work for me too in my MacBook. I begin with 1920X1080 and they don't work !? Reduce it to 1280X720 and I can see my 104 jpg presentation! Thanks ! :-)