1. T

    Pictures in slideshow: how to fix limit?!

    Hi. Today I renewed my pictures for slideshow and was shocked when while streaming OBS returned to the first picture after 16th slide (I added more than 200 pictures). Before, when my pictures has smaller size, everything was ok. I tryed experiments and understood that there is the limit for...
  2. R

    Question / Help About Source: Image Slide Show

    Hello, I am trying to add something about 30 pictures in the queue to play the Slide Show, and the OBS only recognize the first seven pictures, ignoring the others. What Can I do? The OBS Source Image Slide Show has a limit of pic to put in the queue of Slide Show?
  3. H

    Bug Report Slideshow on Mac and Windows

    Hi! I have a problem with slideshow that other people are also experiencing. OBS show the first 19 slides only, looping only them and going further. This happens on Macbook Pro 13" with 8GB RAM, while on Windows with 16GB it works OK and I can use all of my slides. It all happens in 64bit...
  4. codemann8

    Increase Render Delay Limit

    Can we please extend the limit of this Render Delay from 500ms to something reasonable? It seems silly that I have to add 3-4 separate Render Delay filters to achieve 1500ms delay required for my Elgato capture delay.
  5. K

    Question / Help Set a time limit and overwrite from then on

    I'm looking to record for maybe like 10 minutes, then have it carry on recording but continuously overwrite the previous file so i always have the last 10 minutes of footage. Is this doable at all, and would it eat up resources to constantly delete and re-write the file? thanks
  6. A

    Question / Help OBS to take game FPS instead of own FPS.

    Hello. So I have developed this game that is supposed to run at 30fps at all times because of low resources (Vsync enabled). This game should be streamed to YouTube via OBS at the same frame rate. However, I could not get over the fact that some frames are dropped which is most probably due to...