Question / Help OBS to take game FPS instead of own FPS.


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Hello. So I have developed this game that is supposed to run at 30fps at all times because of low resources (Vsync enabled). This game should be streamed to YouTube via OBS at the same frame rate. However, I could not get over the fact that some frames are dropped which is most probably due to the different times the game spits out frames and OBS records frames. So I'm not getting a food feed of 30fps but every 1-2 seconds, frames go missing. I tried recording the game instead of streaming, too but it is the same result. The game runs very stable at 30fps, so it's not the game either. Is it somehow possible that OBS is taking only the games frames instead of making it's own frame system? Something like 'Use VSync frames' ? That would be of great help! In case that is not possible, does anybody know of another solution to stream the game by using the games frames only?